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Maximize your contact center’s agent potential by connecting to live callers

The Auto Dialer solution offered by Dtel Networks provides for one of the best ways to optimize your call center and agent productivity. The predictive dialer maximizes the operation`s volume by distributing the queued leads to the agents who are available. It uses algorithms, and complexed mathematical formulas to reduce the waiting time for agents before the call is received on the other end. This automated solution predicts the average time before the call is received, detects busy signals, and answering machines when a call is made to a lead. It has the unique ability to adjust the dialing rate when an agent is not available, or if the receiving of call from the other end is taking too long. The Dtel Networks predictive dialer analyzes the unsuccessful calls, so that immediate action of calling back can be taken, or if any special action is required.

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Call Recordings

Records call for quality assurance purposes.

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Agent Scripting

It can create predictive conversations by defining agent responses. This feature optimizes the sales support.

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DNC Scrub

Compliance to real-time DNC Scrubbing is ensured while running your campaigns.

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Time Zone Management

A touch of localization via assigning a local area code.

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Inbound Calls

Automatic call Distribution (ACD), IVR and call queues help achieve the KPIs for empowered inbound calls.

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Outbound Calls

The customized dialed types and increment in possible customer touchpoints results in agent productivity.

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TCPA Compliance Tools

TCPA guidelines are strictly followed across all communication channels, be it call time rules or recordings and logs.

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Web Phone

Now make phone calls without a phone in your hand. Our web-RTC phone offers you a convenient calling solution for your business needs.

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Live Phone call monitoring

You can speak with your agents in middle of the call without the customer knowing, and log them out if needed. This feature helps in real-time management of your agent`s mistakes.

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Local Caller ID

Calling your leads with their area code now made possible. Choice of a caller ID name and number for each call ensuring that you rotate different numbers while calling back.

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Real-time Dashboard

The best way to track your team`s performance is throughout real-time dashboard which provides insights that you can act upon. View and act immediately to optimize your team`s performance with our real-time dashboard.

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Call Routing

Through its pre- assigned formulas and algorithms, the calls are routed to the best available agents which in-turn provides more efficiency and closed deals. Leads are distributed according the skills of your agents, time zone, and lead status.