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Connectivity made easier with toll-free/8YY origination.

We offer portability of your current toll-free number to Dtel Networks. We also offer toll free numbers across U.S and Canada. All the traffic that is generated by cable, VoIP landlines, and wireless carriers is commuted to all the front-line inter-exchange carriers in Canada and America. You and your customers can receive toll free calls from VoIP and the PSTN within US and Canada through our toll-free/8YY origination. We have the power and a wide footprint to be one stop providers for toll-free origination across the nation, because of our connectivity to most LEC tandems and underlying carriers.

Toll-free/8YY Origination Information

We'll make sure we build everything you need from now on at the best rates possible

Dtel Networks Typical Competition Savings
Phone Number (per line per month) $0.50 $1.00 50%
Inbound Calling (per minute) $0.013 $0.02 35%
Outbound Calling (per minute) $0.005 $0.01 50%
Billing Intervals Minimum 6 Sec Minimum 60 sec


A toll-free solution has to best serve and deliver on reliability & up-time, and for that, solution that you are opting for has to be redundant and diverse. We have designed a solution which is cost competent, redundant, versatile, and resilient. We do that by leveraging multiple toll-free networks which are the largest across nation. In case, there is a disruption, our round the clock network operations team will be notified within no time, and we will jump onto action.